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The Web is a collage of many types of transactions and other communications both personal and business. Your choices in this vast medium are many. We realize this. We must go the extra effort. We provide networking, hosting, applications development, and quality assurance service offerings to the Brandon, Byram, Florence, Flowood, Richland, Madison, Pearl, & greater Jackson, Mississippi area.

Register your domain name with us and save. Domain names in the .com .net & .org zones are now availible. E-mail or call us today. We will perform your Registration for you.

Manage your wahikan-registered domain. When you require a change we will make the change for you. Let us worry about the details so you can get on with what you do. Your domain is under your control, owned by you, taken care of by us.

Discover your options. From beginning to end we provide multiple organized and preset consultations. Specializing in Web development we are local professionals who are ready to help you succeed in your Internet presence.

Partner with your personal coordinator today and start the ball rolling toward a scheduled well planned project. From start to finish, Wahikan iServices works to convey your message clearly, originally.

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